The radio guys have a face for television after all.

Dr. Lee Picariello, a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in sport performance, and his team of Mindful Athlete Trainers, recently impressed the MLB Network staff with an elaborate demonstration of their cutting-edge technology (see segment below).

“We should have this technology on our heads all the time,” Brian Kenny, an MLB Network Host, said. Kenny was far from the only one impressed by the Mindful Athlete demonstration.

“This touches on a lot of great points,” Jim Thome, a Major League Hall-of-Famer, expressed. “This is all very interesting information that I think we all need to take more of a look at… I love it.”

Picariello and company were originally informed they would have seven minutes on-air. Due to MLB Network staff interest in the Mindful Athlete Training program, the segment got stretched out to nine minutes and eight seconds.

MLB Hall-of-Famer Jim Thome trying out the Mindful Athlete technology live on-air

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