A former college football player turned doctor is on the verge of a revolutionary sports science breakthrough and is taking it to national television.

After a sports injury he received his senior year of college, Dr. Lee Picariello was left impacted mentally and hopeful to change the medical community. The solution he came up with? Bio-Q.

In Picariello’s own words, bio-Q is a, “tangible, mental skill metric that represents mind body efficiency”. The ground-breaking system utilizes the four key domains of sports performance: heart rate, brain waves, muscular timing and reaction patterns.

“When you infuse all four of those the relationship allows us to see how well an athlete can integrate mind and body” Picariello stated.

While bio-Q is mostly used as a statistic in baseball, Picariello believes the metric can be a useful statistic in other sports and other areas of life. He reached out to the NFL and the PGA, as well as, businesses.

“We’ve already rolled it out to corporations,” Picariello said. “Think about [how] high pressure mandates high performance. The environments may change, but the endgame is the same. It’s already starting to translate.”

According to Picariello, a licensed psychologist, mental health is not always taken as seriously as it should be.

“It only really garners attention when there’s a problem,” Picariello said.

Now taking his research on a much larger scale, he will present bio-Q on the MLB Network. Tune in to MLB Now this afternoon at four o’clock to watch Dr. Picariello talk about his research and future of the mind-body relationship in sports.

WBCB’s Katie Donahue contributed to this report