After the Conwell-Egan Eagles went 13-1 last season and won the Philadelphia Catholic League (Blue Division), they certainly set their expectations very high.

They were helped in huge part due to former running back, Patrick Garwo, who is set to start his collegiate career at Boston College.  Garwo certainly helped lead his offense and team to a near perfect season, however, with the loss of him, and Dwayne Majors (another D1 bound player) the team, and more importantly Jack Techtmann looks to repeat what they did last season.

Techtmann knows how valuable those players were, however, he believes that he and his staff have a great program that will continue to perform at a high level.  The team is well equipped with players who have been around for a few years.  Techtmann believes that the loss of two “generational type players” is tough, but should not create any shift in the level of play that the Eagles will produce this season.  The voice of the Conwell-Egan Eagles, Chris Ermer, caught up with Coach Techtmann at training camp this August.

With a few of the leaders gone from last season, it will open up the door for some familiar faces to step up as the new leaders of the Eagles.  Both Majors and Garwo left behind their younger brothers who will certainly follow in their footsteps.

Andrew Garwo, a junior corner back and receiver, and Chris Majors, the senior fullback and linebacker, will both be continuing to show that they are the team to beat in the PCL.

The team will have a new senior to lead their offense.  A guy who is the jack of all trades, Sam Schurr, is a very valuable piece of the Eagles offense.  He can catch, run and block for the stellar offense, and hopes to lead his offense to high scoring games.

On the opposite side of the ball, the Eagles will look to Sean Reilly as their defensive leader.  He knows that losing big pieces of his team will be tough, however he claims that everyone on the defensive unit is hungry to win, and he looks forward to being the veteran among that unit.

Despite their stellar record last season, the Eagles fell a little short of their goal of winning the State title, when they lost to Middletown 21-14 in the quarterfinals.  Coach Jack Techtmann is poised to get his team back to the promised land and beyond, and he feels as though his team is more than capable of doing so.

The Eagles’ season starts two weeks before the kids are back in school.  Check out the schedule on the front page of their website!  (

Returning Offensive Starters

Andrew Garwo, Sam Schurr, Mason Goodwin, and Sean Kleinfelder

Returning Defensive Starters

Chris Majors, Sam Schurr, Brendan Walker, Sean Reilly, and Sincere Thomas

Most Impactful 2018 Roster Loss

Patrick Garwo, and Dwyane Majors

Player to look out for in 2019

KH’ Andre Harris, Andrew Garwo, Chris Majors, Sam Schurr, Sean Reilly, and Tyler Barry

Player who will surprise people

Connor Dougherty and Joe Bordecki

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