By: Jason Shulman

For the first time in a long time, Nottingham High School’s football team will be led by a new, but familiar face. After serving 29 years as the Northstars’ head coach, Jon Adams stepped down after last season. But even he knows Nottingham is in good hands, as he had nothing but praise for new first year coach Milo McGuire. 


McGuire has been an assistant coach for the Northstars the past eight seasons and was able to get a feel for leading a football team when Adams was dealing with injuries throughout last year. He’ll look to improve on Nottingham’s strong season last year in which they capped off their schedule with a 36-29 shootout win over North Hunterdon. The Northstars finished their season 7-3, but McGuire knows there’s still tons of work to be done. 

McGuire considers himself a “seasoned vet”, and rightfully so. Not only is he confident in his abilities to lead the Northstars, but his team exerts the same energy. Nottingham’s 2019 roster is filled with upperclassmen who want to make an even greater impact than previous years. We were very fortunate to meet coach McGuire as he discussed his preparations for the upcoming season. 



Junior quarterback Bryan Smolka is looking to improve on his sophomore campaign in which he played in six games and threw for over 300 yards. Smolka’s not only a threat in the passing game, but also in the running game where he carried the ball 31 times last season.



Another junior looking to help lead Nottingham into the playoffs is running back and safety Marc Kauffman. His impact was felt on both sides of the ball last season, as he played a major factor in the Northstars victory over North Hunterdon when he returned an interception 93 yards for Nottingham’s first score. 


Junior Jed Henry is one player Coach McGuire is very excited about as he named Henry as a player to look out for in 2019. Henry’s team-oriented attitude is exactly what Nottingham needs in order to take the next step and reach the team’s ultimate goal of winning a championship. 


The Northstars will start their season on September 6 at Southern Regional. Here’s a link to their upcoming schedule.  


Nottingham High School Boys Varsity Football Fall 2019 Schedule


Returning Offensive Starters: 

RB Diontae Nicholson, WR Jaier Nelson, QB Brian Smolka, OT Jason Ceria, OT Naeem Rashid, OG Geordany Alexis


Returning Defensive Starters: 

OLB Diontae Nicholson, FS Jaier Nelson, DE Geordany Alexis, MLB Darlensher Henry


Most Impactful 2018 Roster Loss:

“I don’t think I have any,” McGuire said. 


Player to Look Out For in 2019

RB Marc Kauffman and LB Jed Henry