10Play 10

Coming in at number 10, is this spin move by Notre Dame’s Autry!

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Sticking with Notre Dame, Weber’s back door cut and reverse lay up grabs the nine spot!

8Play 8

Arcuri finds Sciolla in the corner for spot number eight!

7Play 7

Weber got the nine and the seven spot this week!  Weber drove on the baseline and used his physical play to get the bucket to go!

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Heading over to hockey, Demato nets this one, and grabs the six spot.

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Staying with hockey, the first Neshaminy goal was a beauty!

4Play 4

Autry comes back in at the four spot, with a huge basket that served as the teams turning point late in the game against Hopewell.  Not a very flashy play, but he used his physicality and got his team a win!

3Play 3

A huge block by Williams checks in at the three spot!

2Play 2

Gallagher swiped the puck away, and was able to get a break away snipe past the goaltender!

1Play 1

The top play of the week comes from the North Stars, as they made a very heads up play to get the most for their fast break.  Kauffman to Collins to Williams for three!