By: Dustyn Green

Every team has that decorated veteran that they are not looking forward to losing after graduation. Unfortunately, for the Pennsbury Falcons and Coach Bill Coleman that happened when they lost Gary Francis, Francis was their big star, he was also a jack of all trades. Francis is now at Lackawanna College playing hoops there. Rebuilding is certainly a difficult challenge and some teams have what it takes and make it a favorable outcome.

If any team is up for the challenge it is the Pennsbury Falcons. They have an interesting combination coming back for them. Seniors are a huge part of this team as Kyrie Miller, Collin Connor, and Cooper Arnold bring back experience. The biggest thing that is needed is guys stepping up. Connor and others bring solid athleticism and can shoot the ball very well, but there is a concerning piece here. 

Francis put in 25 points on average for Coach Coleman. Obviously, shooters can share the wealth but there is skill being lost here and it will be difficult offensively. The league might be a tough one but they won it last year, with some of these seniors. Teamwork will get them results, this team knows how to share the wealth very well, and execution is what is holding this team together.   While they lost a huge piece, the sky’s the limit for this team.

Practice is usually what makes a team better but it is making Bill Coleman’s team confident and special. The coach sees that the defensive intensity is at a very high level and expects them to utilize that weapon. The question is; will that be enough?