Tomorrow marks a rare game where teams from both sides of the bridge face-off.

Throughout WBCB Sports Network’s coverage of high school sports, there is internal debates amongst staff members of hypothetical bucks vs. mercer county match-ups.

The disputes at times get heated, and eventually simmer down because they are ficticious in nature.

With the Pennsbury Falcons and Hopewell Valley Bulldogs squaring-off, area fans (and WBCB staff members) have the opportunity to see how Bucks talent stacks up with Mercer County talent.

The consensus at WBCB is baseball talent in Mercer is slightly superior to that of Bucks, however there’s been a fair number of opinions on both sides.

Hopewell Valley has dominated Mercer County competition thus far, and enter the rival state matchup with an unblemished 14-0 record. The Bulldogs are lead by senior Andy Blake. Blake enters the matchup leading the Bulldogs with a .460 batting average, and 20 runs scored.

The Falcons are on a two game win streak, and have a record 7-5. Pennsbury has been slightly inconsistent this season on both sides of the ball, however the squad appears to be on the brink of busting out a win streak.









(Photo: Furmel Thompson, The Visual Hub) 

If the Falcons can deliver the Bulldogs their first loss of 2018, it could be the momentum boost they need to rip-off five, six, maybe seven straight wins.

The New Jersey vs. Pennsylvania matchup can be viewed live on, and on Facebook with coverage beginning at 10:45 a.m.