By: Breanne O’Neill

After a disappointing end to last year’s season, the Falcons are looking for different results in a similar schedule. The formerly young team is older and wiser now with varsity experience and plenty of off season training.

Coach McShane has been preparing the team in his own unique way with sayings such as “Make the Meatball”, “Climb the Big Tree”, and “Don’t Play Hoagie Ball”, referring to the play he expects his team to turn in.  The players plan to use this odd strategy and new attitude to change their outcomes this year against powerhouse inner conference opponents like North Penn, Neshaminy, and Truman.

The voice of the Pennsbury Falcons, Chris Ermer, was able to talk with kicker Brady Burgfechtel and punter Tommy Kubicka about what they have been improving on, how the team is coming together, and their role on field.

Senior quarterback Drew Hensor explained that we can expect a more “go-go” offense from the Falcons this season compared to past years. “It’s definitely not ground and pound. It’s spread. And it’s fast.”

Although the offense will be fast paced,  the linemen would like to add in some of the ground and pound game because, as Senior John Irvine describes, they are still a big group and can move people.

A strong offense would be nothing without a defense to shut the other team down, but the Falcons have that covered according to Senior Sam Burke, “We got a chip on our shoulder from last season and we’re ready to go this year.”


The Falcons will begin their season on the road at Academy Park on Friday August 23. WBCB will be live streaming all of the games on our website and our Facebook page, WBCB Sports. Check out their schedule below!

Pennsbury Varsity Football Schedule 2019

Returning players

Many returning players, especially on offense, including Drew Hensor, Josh Boyda, Sam Burke, Elijah Slaughter, and Trevor Williams.

Most Impactful 2018 Roster Loss

Jason Cook, Sheehan Miles, and Jake Chipper

Players to look out for in 2019

The versions of Swiss army knives as Coach McShane calls them – Brad Mickles and Jeremiah Sawbo.

Player who will surprise in 2019

Tune in to find out!