By: Dustyn Green

Last week our crew bought very exciting action to you all week long from the hardwood. If you thought the action was spectacular last week you are in for a treat this week. Our crew is bringing a trio of some of the best games in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


Tuesday, 1/28

Notre Dame vs. Nottingham

The action will start in New Jersey inside the gym at Nottingham High School where a red hot group of guys from Notre Dame will pay a visit to the North Stars and look to stay fully charged after their 20 point blowout to Ewing. Although the Irish certainly may be up to the challenge it certainly will be a difficult one.

The Irish have three players with over 100 points thus far. Their leading scorers come in the form of a duo. Quentin Autry and Nick Feretic have 155 points on the year and a majority (51.5%) come from either inside or at the charity stripe. This certainly will pose an issue for Coach Chris Raba and Nottingham.  Although they have many athletic pieces including one of the best players in the league, Brandon Raba.

Nottingham is led by a whopping 258 points which come from Raba. Raba also shares the ball very well. If you shut Raba down, his teammates are ready, hence why they have 1,040 points as a unit. The Irish have much less than that and certainly could get blown out, but I would not expect it.  In fact, expect this one to be in favor of Notre Dame despite the insane numbers for Nottingham. This statistical upset will be caused by Feretic getting to the line one too many times for the Irish and I think his team will pull away with a gutsy overtime win.


Thursday, 1/30

Pennsbury vs. CR South

After the drama at Nottingham our team will switch gears and cover Pennsbury and Council Rock South on the Girl’s side. Frank Sciolla knew his team showed promise this year despite being young. One of the most notable components is his daughter Ava Sciolla. She is quick and can do a bit of everything for the Falcons. Another threat is 6-0 Senior Mackenzie Rooney, who can be found grabbing rebounds and working hard in the middle. All of this will create havoc for South as they have just one Senior and two Juniors on the roster. CR South will work hard, despite the effort it just does not look like they have enough weapons to take the Falcons down.


Friday, 1/31

Trenton Central vs. Ewing

Friday pits a double header for our crew and it all starts at Trenton High when a struggling Ewing tries to get back into the win column. If they are going to get back there any time soon then this game would be the time to do it. The teams do match up very well.  Match ups will not be the deciding factor though. The deciding factor will be which team comes in hungrier for the win. With Trenton having 290 rebounds as a team, I expect that to carry them because they really get after it on the glass. Much like earlier in the week this one will be a drama filled game, but I think this one will end in four frames with Trenton edging out Ewing down to the final buzzer.

Notre Dame vs. Hopewell Valley

The second half of our week-ending double-header takes us to Notre Dame where Hopewell Valley will make a visit. Hopewell Valley should really utilize the word ‘hope’ which appears  in their name. They have struggled all season long winning just one game. There is nearly a 30 point spread in the total points leader in favor of Notre Dame. The effort certainly is there for a very young Hopewell Valley. Expect them to come up way short because Autry and Feretic are a lot to handle.  A struggling team can work for it but they are two very consistent, athletic young men on the other team.  Hopewell has lost five in a row and is studying hard for a very tough test, despite the effort, I think Notre Dame will waltz out with this one in the bag.