By: Dustyn Green

This time of year is an exciting marathon on the hardwood for some of the best teams in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  WBCB Sports will be on hand for some very entertaining contests this upcoming week.


Nottingham and Ewing will be the first one on tap on Tuesday. This one should serve as a true measuring stick for both teams. Although Ewing has only been victorious in a few contests this year they do have some real threats. The one main concern for Nottingham should come in the form of Jaylon Britton. The Senior has scored 96 points out of a total of 446 points for Ewing. He has some very valuable assistance from Sophomore Mekhi Gibson who has totaled an impressive 89 tallies. However, on the offensive end this one should be all Nottingham as they have over double Ewing’s point total coming in at 878 points. Unlike Ewing, it is not coming from one or two guys. Yes, Brandon Raba has 208 points with a majority coming from inside but you cannot spend all night on him. If you do, four or five other guys will take over. The backup plan can be found all over the court for Nottingham and they do a great job of escaping trouble. Defensively Ewing wins the steals battle 68-27 over Nottingham. However, Raba and his team are so quick, and confident I see this one being a 15 point victory for Nottingham on Tuesday.


Next on tap is a contest involving a very good Bensalem Owls team that sits at an impressive 13-2 record with seven wins in the SOL National Conference. Traditionally they are a team that gives every ounce of what they have and it is an impressive sight. The Falcons come in with an 8-7 record after losing Gary Francis to graduation. They had been struggling early on and have started to find the skill sets that they need to contend for the league as they are looking for their seventh straight win. Much like Bensalem, Bill Coleman coaches his team to play the whole game at their fullest potential. Although the record shows Bensalem on top it looks like a hard fought upset is in the works for Pennsbury on Thursday.


Our crew will head back to Ewing on Friday as Notre Dame comes marching into town for what will be an intriguing matchup. Much like Ewing and Britton, Notre Dame has a few threats that help them through this one. The first one is an impressive Quentin Autry who has served his opponents with 134 total points this season. Autry has only scored under double digits twice all year long. Both of those under ten games resulted in losses for Notre Dame. Another threat is Nick Freetic who has also scored in double digits all but twice for his squad. The threats are real coming from Notre Dame. Despite Jaylon Britton carrying Ewing well there is a lot to juggle and Notre Dame should have this one by a large spread.

A great week of hoops is on the horizon and WBCB Sports will be at some of the best spots to bring you the action.